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Metals Scandium

Scandium metal is mainly used for high power metal halide lamps(Sc-Na lamps), solar battery, high-energy radiation nuclear shielding (gamma ray sources) and special alloys, such as aluminum scandium alloy, etc.

Rare Earth Metals Scandium

Product Description

1.Code: REM-Sc
2.Name: Scandium metal
3.Formula: Sc
4.CAS No.: 7440-20-2
5.EINECS No.: 231-129-2
6.Mol. Wt.: 44.956
7.Density: 2.989g/cm3
8.Melting Point: 1539℃
9.TREM: ≥99%
10.Purity(Sc/TREM): 4N to 6N (99.99%-99.9999%)