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Polishing Powder

1. With great cutting force and long service life, the polishing speed is fast;

2. With good suspension and dispersion, there is non adhesion and easy cleaning.

3. With good consistency, the particle size distribution is uniform.

Rare Earth Cerium Oixde Polishing Powder

Product Description :

1.Code: REP-01

2.Name: Rare Earth Polishing Powder

3.TREO:  ≥ 95%

4.CeO2/TREO: 70±5%

5.Color: white

6.F: 3%~7%

7.PH: 7

8.Particle size: D50:0.6±0.2μm, D100<5μm

9.Appearance: white powder

Specifications of Rare Earth Polishing Powder: